M.O.G. Rules

 Here you will find the rules to selling within our group(s).
MOG Rules & guidelines - Moms of Glendora online yardsale 

**This page is a FREE service to this community and is managed by UNPAID volunteers. Harassment of ANY volunteer WILL RESULT in you being permanently banned from this page.

We (admins) are not monitoring this group 24/7. Contact hours are normal working hours. If you see anything objectionable, you can click 'report to admin' to bring it to our attention or 'tag' an admin. Please, do NOT PM the admin team asking how facebook groups work or with trivial concerns. There are nearly 10,000 members in this group. The volunteers have busy lives and are not on call at all hours. Please respect that. It is your responsibility to read and follow the group rules.

***ONLY reach out via PM to admin AFTER you have tried and exhausted all efforts to resolve your own problem between buyer and seller. IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST MESSAGE AN ADMIN, YOU MUST INCLUDE SCREENSHOTS OF YOUR ENTIRE CONVERSATION, AND OF THE POST(S) IN QUESTION. MESSAGES NOT MEETING THIS CRITERIA WILL NOT BE RETURNED ****

We try to be fair to everyone, but there are nearly 10,000 members and THOUSANDS of posts & comments per day. 
At one time, the rules list was much shorter, many of the rules we were forced to add, ones that we thought were common sense concepts. There is no way to please everyone, so please don't ask us to try. As the volunteer page management we try to keep things fair for all. As volunteers we cannot monitor the page full time, so things may escape our attention for awhile or entirely. we need your help in monitoring the page.

CLICK 'REPORT TO ADMIN' OR 'TAG' AN ADMIN if something needs attention. Thank you for being patient and understanding.**

***if your post does NOT meet the rules of the group and you notice it was not approved, please check the rules and try again***

Moderator or Admin 'may' tag you before deleting your post, or we may not. It is dependent on if we have the time to do so.

• Rules of this group are kept in the ‘pinned’ post for easy access

• The admins are all volunteers and doing this as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE for the ladies in our area. You do not have a right to be in this group, it is a privilege. If you are a repeat rule breaker, we will delete you without warning.

• We are a LOCAL group, only for Glendora and SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES which include: Azusa, Covina, LaVerne, San Dimas. If you do not live, work, go to school, have immediate family here, etc. Please do not join. The beauty of this group is that we are all in close proximity to each other and it is very easy to buy and sell this way. If you are only in Glendora on Tuesdays, that is not going to work for this group.  ***ALL POSTS SHOW A LOCATION AND IF YOUR LOCATION IS NOT ONE OF THESE LOCAL AREAS, YOU HAVE TO STATE "WILL MEET IN GLENDORA, ETC".  IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOUR POST WILL BE DENIED.

-sell yard sale type items only.  Anything that you sell as far as a home based business (direct sales like Lularoe, Scentsy, Isagenix) or a home craft (photographers, cake bakers, etc), you need to join our boutique and small business group, those posts are not allowed in this group.  

-NO ADVERTISING of any kind, no 'go fund me', no posting links to other facebook groups or pages, etc. no requests for donations

• We are Female only FOR SAFETY, do not send men to do your transactions. If you are bringing a man to the transaction, you must ask the other party first.

• If you want to get notifications when all items are posted, you have to change your FB notifications for this group. 

• Your facebook settings have to allow you to receive messages from non friends

• Follow the time guidelines for transactions, we are not first come first serve!

• We have created a Moms of Glendora ‘baby and kids’ facebook group to make it easier for you to sell your baby and kids items and clothing. Please post all baby and kids items from size newborn to girls/boys sizes 16/18 within that group. 

• Crossposting: If your item is crossposted, you must state that in the description. If your item is pending pick up from another group, you need to immediately mark it PPU. There are several Moms of Glendora groups (free group, kids group, this group, etc. You may only post your items in ONE of them)

• All items must be priced and include a description and a local location (cross streets are most helpful). No bidding is allowed, no trying to jump order of interest by offering more or pick up now, if you use a stock photo, you still need to also include a picture of the actual item for sale. Posts can be bumped daily after your item has been listed for 24 hours.

• Price your item with your best price, we are not allowing OBO (or best offer) any longer. It creates too many problems. If your item doesn’t sell, think about lowering your price.

• ISO posts (In search of) they can go EITHER in the ISO album OR on the main group wall. Go to photos/albums/ISO album. If accessing via mobile, click on the 3 dots on upper right hand screen that says “more” or “info”. If you have something that someone else is ISO, please send them a PM. Or, If you have that item posted already, please tag them in the post. They will have to comment ‘int’ or ‘interested’ to be considered in the buying order. 

• If you are In search of items, please utilize the ‘search’ feature on the main page, type in what you are looking for and you will find it quickly!

• All posts have to be approved by Admin. If your post does not get approved, check the rules and try again. Admins to not have the time to message you individually when you break rules.

• Designer items need authenticated (shoes, purses, wallets) unless you have receipt or tags, by Pam at ‘Her Best Friends Closet’ in Glendora & it costs $10 for MOGS only. If you are unsure of what brands need authenticated, please message an admin or look in the files section.

• Yard sale items only…we do not allow advertising, no discussion, no links to other groups, no go fund me, etc.

• Must state ‘interested’ or ‘int’ to be considered to purchase items, NOTHING ELSE COUNTS (possibly interested, typos, etc) Tagging someone else and stating interested in same comment does not count.  If you offer lower than the listed price (it must be in the post and not via PM), it is at the sellers discretion to skip over you or not. 

• Sellers please tag and PM interested buyers (beyond the first buyer) and from the time you tag and send them a PM, they have 12 hours to respond with a DEFINITIVE pick up day/time/place. If they do not, you can skip them and move on. 

• If you have commented ‘int’ or ‘interested’ and you do not respond to the seller within 12 hours of their tag/message, you can be reported if they choose to do so. 

• If you are moving, PM Admin and you can get permission to do an admin approved moving sale (first come first serve) but you MUST provide proof of move. Admin approved moving sale = no rules on crossposting or time limits. You are free to move on as you see fit.  Proof = new lease, eviction notice, realtor contract, e mail from realtor, contract on old or new home, etc.  basically anything substantiating that you are moving.

• Sellers –if your items are from a home, person or car that has smokers OR animals, please be courteous & note that when selling.
• If you are selling carseats, you must post a photo of the sticker showing expiration date, seats within 1 year of expiring are not allowed to be sold. (kids group only)

• When you items are PENDING SALE state PPU for pending pick up as a comment, when they are physically out of your possession, DELETE YOUR POST-DO NOT MARK AS SOLD. Any items marked sold are subject to immediate deletion by Admin.

• If advertising a Yard Sale at your home, please advertise with your address and date/time of sale. No posting ‘interested’ on a yard sale posting, if you want what is at the yard sale, you must go there OR send the poster a PM. Nothing on the post – this creates problems. Also, if you are posting a yard sale, you cannot simultaneously list those items on MOG for sale.

• If you have hundreds of items to list and choose to have an ‘indoor’ yard sale (example, you have 300 pieces of clothing and don’t have the time to post individually, you can list as indoor yard sale with the dates/times of your sale for interested buyers to just show up and go through your inventory vs. posting 1 at a time.

THE DON’TS OF THIS GROUP – violating too many of these rules will get you removed

• NO removing  your item after buyers have posted 'interested'.  This causes frustrated buyers to contact admin and demand to know where the item is that they are purchasing.  Admin has to them track you down to figure out what happened.....we don't know if you are trying to sell it for more on another yard sale site or if your child saw it out and had a meltdown.  Make sure you  have 'permission' to sell the item you are posting. 

-No changing the price once you post your item

• No posting items outside of the MOG area. Facebook sometimes automatically puts your location as where your profile has listed as your location OR maybe your last visited location. If your item is defaulting to another area and you don’t know how to change it, you MUST state “pick up Glendora” etc, or the post will not be approved

• No shows – 3 strikes and you are OUT! Send a group PM to: Victoria Gonzales, Edie & the offender.  YOU MUST ALSO INCLUDE ALL SCREENSHOTS TO SUBSTANTIATE THE NO SHOW REPORT.  Remember, "porch pick ups" do not count, as they are now allowed to be advertised in our group.  If you choose to do so, it is completely at YOUR OWN RISK.  No complaints allowed.

• No show = agreeing to a day/time/place for a transaction and not showing up 

• No selling any items if you have had bedbugs in your home in the last 2 years

• Do not sell to anyone that PM’s you, you MUST go in the buying order on your posted item.  NO commenting "I can pick up now" or "I'll give you more", etc.  That is trying to skip the line and is very rude and not tolerated.

• No adding men to our group (yes, this is a no brainer, but I still see it almost daily)

• No adding ladies that do not live or work (or otherwise are in the MOG area on a regular basis) to our group. This creates problems with coordinating transactions. 

• No selling for other people unless you have the item in YOUR POSSESSION

• No flipping items (buying on MOG and selling for more)

• No removing your sale post after you have interested buyers

• No selling items that are counterfeit, illegal or stolen

• No selling defective merchandise – if you do sell defective non working merchandise, buyers will contact you first and if you don’t respond, they will contact Admin and then we will contact you and tell you to return their money immediately or be deleted from our group. This does NOT mean (wrong size, wrong color, doesn’t fit, you changed your mind, etc). 

• THINGS YOU CANNOT SELL: Tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, RX medications, diabetic strips, supplies, etc., guns, hunting knives, stockpile items you bought from couponing (bulk shampoo, laundry soap, etc), recalled items, drop side cribs, breast bumps, baby formula or baby food, used makeup, gift cards or gift certificates, illegal items or services, expired car seats (have to be within 1 year of expiration), nothing you have bought on Groupon or Living Social (etc), no fake or replica designer items of any kind, no pets (you can sell their cages, their food, etc but no selling animals, you can give them away free), no tickets or any kind (sporting, theater, etc, UNLESS you PM an Admin with proof of purchase….this means that you must provide proof of purchase in your name or your husband’s name.   If you don't have a receipt, don't ask if you can sell your tickets.  

• No porch pick ups are allowed advertised-if you choose to do them anyway, no problems (including no shows) are allowed to be reported to Admin. Meeting in person to exchange money is best policy! If you are a seller and are demanding a porch pick up, that is not allowed. You have to to allow the buyer the option of meeting or picking up from you in person.

• No messaging Admins without first trying to resolve your issue between buyer and seller, no messaging Admin without screenshots to substantiate your issue. Messages not meeting these criteria will not be answered. 

• No messaging Admin if you do not know how to use Facebook or facebook groups. As much as we would like to be a ‘Help Desk’, there are nearly 10,000 members and we do not have the time for this. Please post as a general question on the group wall, use the search function or reach out to another group member.

• No drama, cyberbullying, no commenting on items if you are not interested in buying them

• The admins are all volunteers and doing this as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE for the ladies in our area. You do not have a right to be in this group, it is a privilege. If you are a repeat rule breaker, we will delete you without warning.

• Immediate deletion from the group: blocking an Admin, arguing with Admins either on a post or via PM (arguing, I am not talking about a discussion), posting a RANT on the main wall or as a comment, ripping off a MOG member and then blocking them when they are contacting you to reach a solution (example-a phone is sold and they cannot activate it OR you have sold something defective and they are trying to contact you


Sellers, the first person to comment 'interested' first needs to PM you within 4 hours from the time of their stated interest and they will have 12 hours from the time of their stated interested to make definitive pick up arrangments and 48 hours to pick up.  MAKE SURE that the person messaging you is in fact the one that posted 'INTERESTED' first on the item.
Example, if they post interested Monday at 3 pm, they  have until 7 pm to message you to make contact, they will have until 3 am to make definitive pick up arrangements and they will have until Wednesday at 3 pm to pick up the item (48 hours from time of their stated interest).

If you do not hear from them after 4 hours, you can skip them and move on to buyer #2.  You then need to TAG buyer #2 by using the @ symbol and then typing their name.  Tell them that they are up in the buying order and ALSO send them a private message on facebook.  Once you do this, they have 12 hours to make definitive pick up arrangements and 48 hours to pick up.

These time limits were voted on by members and we find it very effective.  People that ask you to repeatedly hold items past their 48 hours, usually end up passing and it is very frustrating for sellers.

****when your item is pending pick up by another member, comment "PPU" and when they have picked the item up, do NOT mark it 'sold', instead, delete it.  There is no reason to mark it sold.  Admin does not delete sold posts, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  


********SAME RULES AS ABOVE*********
-NO breast pumps, NO drop side cribs (they are illegal to resell), NO baby formula or baby food, no items bought with WIC, car seats have to be posted WITH  photos of expiration stickers clearly showing manufacturer and expiration date.
-NO recalled items, NO carseats that have been in a car accident (those need to be destroyed)

This group is for baby, toddler and kids clothing, toys, books, furniture, etc.  Everything else will need posted on the regular yard sale group.