All about MOG - aka Moms of Glendora

​The Admins of all of our groups are dedicated to helping local women have a safe, local place to buy & sell, AND to connect  and network with other local Moms.

We started out in 2013 by creating a buy/sell/trade group, 'Moms of Glendora online yard sale' and since then, our group has  grown tremendously due to members recommending us to all of their friends and family.    We have also started other groups due to off topic discussions & information being posted on the yard sale group.  
When Ladies started asking for contractor recommendations and babysitters, we created 'The Real Housewives of Glendora', when ladies started asking for other local Moms to go on playdates with, we created 'Moms of Glendora for Littles', etc etc.

 We realize that we have members from all over the San Gabriel Valley area. and we want to also help these women have a similar experience, so we are  starting to expand and find members that live in other areas to admin  'sister' groups with the same rules.  We created 'Moms of Monrovia online yard sale a few months ago and will soon be expanding to include other areas.    

The biggest difference between our group and others like it,  is the fact that the rules in this group are enforced to the best of our ability.   If you are not a rule follower, our group is not going to be the one for you.  Online seling is not for everyone, you have to be prompt, conscienscious of others time and a good communicator.   

I hope all of you enjoy these Glendora area groups and the connections you will make with other local Ladies.